Onboarding as a primary value proposition

You can argue Stripe’s entire product is simply a much better onboarding for payments. They made it incredibly easy to start getting paid and did that through onboarding. They’re famous for a thing called Collison install. In the early days, if you bumped into John or Patrick Collison, they would literally say, “You want to use Stripe? Give me your laptop,” and they’d actually do it for you. That was how serious they took onboarding.

The current generation of billion-dollar businesses are obsessed with onboarding. Slack built this incredible Slackbot, which does two things in parallel: it talks to you and teaches you how to use their product while collecting all the information, and then it suggest things that you should do next, and it works.

This is a great article from Intercom regarding the importance of Onboarding as a value proposition for software products.

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