Apple & SAP launching Cloud Platform SDK for iOS developers

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS aims to give developers, designers, and businesses around the world the tools and scalability they need to quickly and efficiently build powerful enterprise-grade apps for iPhone and iPad, based on SAP Cloud Platform and built-in Swift, Apple’s modern programming language. The software development kit (SDK) is also intended to provide a rich library of prebuilt user experience (UX) components and easier access to innovative device capabilities — such as Touch ID, location services and notifications — to accelerate app development and increase adoption.

Makes sense that Apple is focusing on enterprise software as a way to empower the iOS platform (see IBM MobileFirst for iOS). I think there is still a massive gap between casual users and enterprise users that Apple isn't really addressing, though. They need to make this platform viable for web developers, music producers and artists, and I think the best way for them to do this is to be providing more support and funding for developers who are already making great applications in this space.

While Omni Group are making better productivity apps for iOS than anyone else, including Apple, there's not that many other companies out there taking this space seriously. We need apps like Forklift, Atom and Sketch on iOS.

Platform limitations aside, companies aren't doing this because they know it's a risky investment—even if they could make great versions of their apps on iOS, the entire workflow for their target market has to move to iOS for their application to be viable (nobody will use Atom without git and SFTP, for example). I think Apple needs to take this risk on themselves and invest in these products until the ecosystem is ready.

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